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Chilean and Argentinean Bovine Cattle

Compañia Nacional de Cueros has long and sustainable business relationship with renowned Chilean and Argentinean Slaughterhouses. All the cattle are European breed from cold climate (Patagonian zone). Hereford and Angus are main kind of breed source and their fundamental characteristic are:

  • Free of Branding Iron
  • Free of Ticks
  • Free of bites
  • Mechanic Flay


All our Wet Blue is Tanning in our plant with high control standard. We keep very detailed records of all delivery batches of raw hides to guide us with our future purchasing requirements. We offer Wet Blue Unsplit (full-substance Whole hide).  It is perfect to be used in shoe upper, leather goods and automotive upholstery. Split (Suede) generated is high quality because our hides are 100% mechanical flay.
Technical Specs

Cr2O3 : 3,4 to 5%

Grease : 2,0% max.

Ash   : 11% max.

Ph : 3,4 to 3,8

∆ pH: 0,7 max.

Main Characteristics

Size:Min:  40 sq. ft.

Max:  50 sq. ft.

Average Size: 44-46 sq. Ft

Humidity after pressing roller, according client specification. Usually 60-65%.


Main Markets

Only 2-hour truck driving is the distance between our tannery with San Antonio Sea Port, one of the biggest Pacific Sea port in America. Through it, CONAC provide its WET BLUE and Finish Leather to all different markets worldwide.

Currently our Wet Blue Clients are other tanneries and they are in Italy, Spain and South Asia.