About us

Our Story

In 1953, The Chilean Shoe company Empresa Manufactura Yarza S.A. with its brand Jarman founded our tannery in Talca City. It not was until 1984 when we were independent and started our story as COMPAÑIA NACIONAL DE CUEROS S.A. best known as CONAC.

Compañia Nacional de Cueros

Since this date, CONAC continues its promise to give a comprehensive service to our clients in quality and delivery. Always looking, in a constant way, new process initiatives to be more environmental friendly, reduce water and energy consumption and new value-added proposition to shoe industry overall

Fashion Design

We are design lovers!. Our design leather team works tireless every season to bring new leather articles, new colors and new texture according with the current fashion.  Our success is founded in a close work with chemical houses and Menphis, industry leader in papers and folias, with active participation in international fairs and inspiration meetings and finally working with our client directly.

Moreover, in a constant way, our team woks in innovation to improve all classic leather articles trough overall process. This innovation and constant work allow us to provide better quality products and without drawbacks

  • Over 50 diferente embosing plates
  • Over 100 of different folias, Unitrans and papers
  • Over 500 different finish articles leathers.